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You can now watch Todd Mitchem's latest interview with Kim Tracy about what it means to operate with the #DisruptionEffect and how your company can benefit from a Renegade and outlaw mentality.  Watch now.

Todd Mitchem—a lifelong disruptor—challenges everything in his business career as well as in his personal life. A father of three and an authentic leader, Todd’s captivating and insightful mindset moves business forward. Throughout his career, Todd’s work with multiple industries has helped leaders overhaul their companies and lead their executive teams to success.

Today, Todd has returned to the corporate world where he coalesces the best of start-up ideas into corporations. Having been immersed in the cannabis industry for nearly four years, Todd brings insightful and disruptive ideas and applies them to the corporate structure, workplace culture, and message delivery.

His dynamic, energetic, and upbeat personality is truly authentic. Todd not only guides companies and leaders to success but he also exhilarates audiences with his Keynotes and Presentations. Todd has delivered more than 2,000 presentations globally, and has been featured on every major news outlet in the world.  While being covered on CNN, CNBC, NBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, Todd has leveraged his unique ability to deliver a clearly articulated message in a way that inspires and changes lives. 

"Todd was able to energize the audience and make it something memorable to the participants. He is both professional and creative in a way that few people are."

Erik Eichinger

Senior Manager, People Development at Pizza Hut



Many speakers utilize theoretical learning without actually living the teaching.  Todd Mitchem gives you practical learning through his motivational and energetic performance.  He utilizes real situations from his many successes.  These presentations are perfect for a large group needing to overcome adversity, and groups who are working to reframe challenges in all aspects of life, business, leadership and more.

Since 2000, Todd has entertained audiences in over 2,000 presentations across the world. His unique and honest approach to learning helps him guide the captivated audience and embed learning effectively. Todd changes the person from the inside out and teaches how to apply the knowledge in a new way. He gives the entrepreneur learning that accelerates their success.

"Todd brings an exceptional level of energy and enthusiasm to his delivery. He partners well in tandem with the in-house core team and adapts content as needed. His sessions are very well received."

LYLE MARTIN – SVP - Allergan

"Todd is liquid dynamite on stage. He is intuitive and inspiring, helping large and small groups achieve outstanding results for themselves and their companies. Get Todd Mitchem, make something happen."

BOYSEN HODGESON - Mankind Project

“Todd is a committed and personable professional who is devoted to his clients and their success. I appreciate his solution-oriented approach to clients and their multiple requests. He's a joy to work with.”

Belinda Brin - Manager, Organization Development, Nestle Purina PetCare


KEYNOTE AND WORKSHOPS that bring out the

#DisruptionEffect in everyone!

The Keys to Unlocking Your Team's Epic Potential 

Timing: 60-90 minutes for keynote and optional 2-4 hour workshop


Isn't it time you motivated your team to WAKE UP!?! They have been lulled to sleep by technology, their negative inner-defeated-self and the countless negative people surrounding them.  They allow others and circumstances to be their excuses for failure.  Most people are so lost in their habitual complaining that they no longer understand how to shake up their environment so best ideas can flow.  

Is your company struggling with how to connect with employees of all ages?  Are your people disengaged?  Are your leaders struggling in general and need a rocket-booster that will push them to take ownership of themselves, their decisions and outcomes?  Book Todd Mitchem for the #DisruptionEffect so your team can find new ways to thrive..  

In this presentation, Todd will help your team understand how to leverage a Disruption mindset in order to eliminate excuses for performing "good enough", to remove habitual reasons for negative behavior, stay on target, meet goals faster, network for success and never compromise the end result. Todd engages the audience with real-time and real-life examples in order to find an "Intentional Why", a reason for being brilliant.  He will demonstrate how to be a Disruptor or simply a Positive Disruptive Influence.  The attendees will learn these and more in this power-packed presentation that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats waiting to learn more they can apply in their work immediately.

Through entertaining and energizing stories about his actual experiences in the entertainment industry, as a leader working with top brands around the world, his work disrupting businesses to success and his disruptive experiences in the controversial marijuana industry, Todd teaches the group the most important skills that he used to build top brands and lessons he taught some of the largest companies in the world.

Participants learn to:

  • Disrupt their projects that get desired results
  • Stop making decisions based on "Habitual Why" and begin to make decisions based on "Intentional Why"
  • Self-assess abilities combined with input from peers
  • Disrupt thinking and find unconventional solutions
  • Apply learning customized for your company
  • Effectively overcome distractions to produce the end result as planned



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"Our company has put 200+ leaders through Todd Mitchem's coaching developmental leadership program content.  We started with 50 people and quickly extended.  This has not been cheap, but it has been effective!

This program has literally changed our company.  Our team member engagement scores have skyrocketed at the corporate office.  There are many cases of a catharsis for some of our leaders - they were "commercially" successful but not good to work with (sometimes terrible to work with).  Now many of them have both that Commercial AND Cultural success

We are more open and honest than we used to be, and we have gone from blame to a personal ownership that had not been seen before. 

Company alumni have come back to visit and can't believe how different the place is (we had a pretty bad reputation as a crummy place to work)

Our program included a 360 feedback Todd guided us through (which was pretty brutal for some people) followed by programs that helped solve many of the issues that surfaced.  For us it was helpful for the 360 feedback to build the burning platform for needed change - some people were honestly unaware that they had significant leadership issues

Todd's executive coaching 1-on-1 has been a very useful addition to his program and has literally changed the way our company structure functions

Bottom line - Todd and his program has fundamentally changed our company for the better."

Keith Dodds

SVP Marketing

Aimco Property Management