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Todd Mitchem—a lifelong disruptor—challenges everything in his business career as well as in his personal life. A father of three and an authentic leader, Todd’s captivating and insightful mindset moves business forward. Throughout his career, Todd’s work with multiple industries has helped leaders overhaul their companies and lead their executive teams to success.

Today, Todd has returned to the corporate world where he coalesces the best of start-up ideas into corporations. Having been immersed in the cannabis industry for nearly four years, Todd brings insightful and disruptive ideas and applies them to the corporate structure, workplace culture, and message delivery.

His dynamic, energetic, and upbeat personality is truly authentic. Todd not only guides companies and leaders to success but he also exhilarates audiences with his Keynotes and Presentations. Todd has delivered more than 2,000 presentations globally, and has been featured on every major news outlet in the world.  While being covered on CNN, CNBC, NBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, Todd has leveraged his unique ability to deliver a clearly articulated message in a way that inspires and changes lives. 

"Todd was able to energize the audience and make it something memorable to the participants. He is both professional and creative in a way that few people are."

Erik Eichinger

Senior Manager, People Development at Pizza Hut


READ TODD'S LATEST BLOG: Life Disrupted - When giving up is not an option. A personal story of overcoming tragedy and struggle.


Since 2000 Todd Mitchem has entertained audiences in over 2000 presentations across the world. His unique and honest approach to learning helps him guide the captivated audience and embed learning effectively. Todd changes the person from the inside out and teaches how to apply the already gained knowledge in a new way. He gives the entrepreneur learning that accelerates their success.


"Todd brings an exceptional level of energy and enthusiasm to his delivery. He partners well in tandom with the in-house core team and adapts content as needed. His sessions are very well received." - LYLE MARTIN - Allergan "Todd is liquid dynamite on stage. In his role as a lead Facilitator with Eagle's Flight, Todd is intuitive and inspiring, helping large and small groups achieve outstanding results for themselves and their companies. Get Todd Mitchem, make something happen." - BOYSEN HODGESON - Mankind Project

"Todd brings an exceptional level of energy and enthusiasm to his delivery. He partners well in tandom with the in-house core team and adapts content as needed. His sessions are very well received."

- LYLE MARTIN - Allergan

"Todd is liquid dynamite on stage. In his role as a lead Facilitator with Eagle's Flight, Todd is intuitive and inspiring, helping large and small groups achieve outstanding results for themselves and their companies. Get Todd Mitchem, make something happen."

- BOYSEN HODGESON - Mankind Project


PROJECT 420 - Unlocking marketing and branding potential of the cannabis consumer

Time: 60-90min - Custom content to fit your group

Todd Mitchem was always a business leader effecting change for some of the worlds largest companies. Now after nearly four years of working inside the cannabis industry, Todd Mitchem is taking his talents and skills and putting them back into mainstream companies.  This time Todd is guiding large non-cannabis brands once again that either wish to eventually capitalize on a new industry or simply market their products to it.

Is your company or industry thinking about capitalizing on the emerging cannabis industry?  Are you one of the many mainstream organizations that want to market your products to the complex types of cannabis consumers?  If so this presentation is for you.

Now that he is fully focused on the mainstream business world once again, Todd is teaching companies like yours to bridge the gap between mainstream culture and cannabis consumers.  The cannabis consumer is unlike any other in that it is a market sector that spans three generations and includes men and women from all walks of life.  Todd will guide you and your team through the complex maze of this interesting and profitable new market sector.

Participants learn to:

-       Avoid the pitfalls for marketing or building products for this consumer

-       Leverage the culture to drive sales for your product

-       Manage initiatives that won't hurt your brand or rattle your investors

-      Manage the unintended consequences of working in this space

In addition Todd will reveal: 

-       Why the cannabis industry is not prepared for mainstream brands

-       The secrets the industry does not want you to know about

-       How to work with government officials to ensure success

-       The challenges for all HR divisions of mainstream companies

-       Data about the industry that the industry doesn't want you to know

Todd also customizes this presentation to fit your questions, concerns, and needs as it pertains to the cannabis industry.  For the first time you have access to an insider who was there.

Leading is Learning

Time: 60-90min - Custom content to fit your group

In this presentation Todd will help your team understand how to stay on target, meet goals faster, network for success and never compromise the end result. No matter what business you are in or what industry you call your playground, Todd will teach you about the strategy and execution of your hardest-to-reach goals that will take you to your desired destination. 

Through entertaining and energizing stories about his actual experiences, Todd teaches the group skills he used to build top brands and lessons he taught some of the largest companies in the world. 

Participants learn:

-       How to effectively overcome distractions

-       How to communicate effectively goals and expectations

-       How to self assess your abilities and seek input from others

-       How to disrupt thinking and find unconventional solutions

-       How to manage multiple employees and meet them where they are to take them where you want to go

-       Custom learning


Todd speaks on a variety of topics.. Below are his three most popular presentations. He will also customize a presentation to fit your company.

(Actual fee based on customization. Travel and accommodations not included)


"Use It" is the foundation for a new way of working and living.  These five simple building blocks work together to build a stronger foundation for people who want to rise above the complexities of stressful situations.  Employees who experience "Use It" manage conflict better and become more productive team members. Change is managed in a more fluid fashion because of this philosophy. Individuals who "Use It" in their personal lives improve the quality of their relationships.

 “Use It” works because it helps you take ownership over the one person you can, YOU. 

Employees and leaders who have experienced a life with "Use It" report overall better employee satisfaction.  This learning also translates into their personal lives with a reported increase in relationship satisfaction.

Participants Learn:

- The foundational five steps of "Use It"

How to apply "Use It" at work

- Tools to hold themselves personally accountable

- Tools to become the owner of their own behavior and thinking

Participants also receive these five blocks to place on their desk as a reminder and a review for what they have learned from the "Use It" presentation and workshop.

Life Disrupted

How to change your thinking when you feel like giving up.

Time: 45min

We all have disruptions in life.  Sometimes you feel like life is pinning you down, kicking you around and the circumstances in you life may seem insurmountable.  In this heartfelt presentation, Todd Mitchem will take you on a journey into his life, disrupted by circumstances that he overcame to be successful, fulfilled and happy. From the shock of a sister with a disability, to a near death car accident that left him with a debilitating closed head injury, and his mother's battle with terminal cancer, Todd's story will cause you to laugh, cry and leave feeling more powerful than you ever imagined.  Based on Todd's own personal journey: READ HERE

Participants Learn:

-       To apply the “What can go right?” steps for changing negative to positive

-       How to add value, not just opinion

-       How to avoid negative people as if your life depends on it. (It does)

-       How to create your own disruptive solutions to life’s many challenges

-       How to “USE IT”, when life throws you a curveball

Time: 60-90min - Custom content to fit your group

How do we make things happen in our society?  Where do the best ideas come from?  How do we learn to solve our own challenges? When we have great ideas how do we deal with naysayers who seek to destroy us?  We find success through #DisruptionEffect.  Todd has been a person living the Disruption mindset all his life. Now he is offering this learning to you and your attendees.  After engaging in this power packed presentation, your group will be ready to take on their life and work in new and exciting ways with zero excuses for failure. #DisruptionEffect changes the participant's view of the world...forever.

Participants learn:

-       How to apply the Disruption Effect immediately

-       How to add value, not just opinion

-       How to apply Disruption Effect with Innovation

-       How move fluidly between being a Disruptor and a Disruptive Influence

-       How to disrupt thinking and find unconventional solutions

-       How to teach others to be positive Disruptive Influencers


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"Our company has put 200+ leaders through Todd Mitchem's coaching developmental leadership program content.  We started with 50 people and quickly extended.  This has not been cheap, but it has been effective!

This program has literally changed our company.  Our team member engagement scores have skyrocketed at the corporate office.  There are many cases of a catharsis for some of our leaders - they were "commercially" successful but not good to work with (sometimes terrible to work with).  Now many of them have both that Commercial AND Cultural success

We are more open and honest than we used to be, and we have gone from blame to a personal ownership that had not been seen before. 

Company alumni have come back to visit and can't believe how different the place is (we had a pretty bad reputation as a crummy place to work)

Our program included a 360 feedback Todd guided us through (which was pretty brutal for some people) followed by programs that helped solve many of the issues that surfaced.  For us it was helpful for the 360 feedback to build the burning platform for needed change - some people were honestly unaware that they had significant leadership issues

Todd's executive coaching 1-on-1 has been a very useful addition to his program and has literally changed the way our company structure functions

Bottom line - Todd and his program has fundamentally changed our company for the better."

Keith Dodds

SVP Marketing

Aimco Property Management

"Todd is a fantastic coach who can meet people wherever they are, whether a top-level executive or an individual contributor. He's an amazing facilitator who fully engages his audience with his wit, his charm, and his expertise. 

Todd's greatest attribute is his genuine desire to serve, to work with every individual to fully achieve their potential and discover what is possible within themselves."

Shezelle Krei

Global Human Resources Partner at Western Union

"Todd's recommendations are always thoughtful and on-point. He excels at understanding the nuances of your organization and finding a solution that matches your needs."

Karen Tapy

Program Manager at The Monsanto Company

"It's been a pleasure working with Todd over the years. Todd invests the necessary time up front to understand our business as well as the challenges our team face each and every day. This enables him to gain immediate credibility with the Leadership Team and the team attending his experiential training workshops. At the end of the day, I'm confident that Todd will not only connect the dots for the team but more importantly help them self-discover why they should be approaching their opportunity from a new perspective. He truly loves what he does and it shows each and every time he takes center stage."

Dale Herb, SPHR

Talent Development at YUM Brands

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Having coached over 1000 leaders to success, Todd teaches a leader how to overcome obstacles holding them back from their ultimate potential. From teaching his clients to be more connected to their team to teaching them the art of delivering a message. Todd works one-on-one with each leader on a weekly basis to coach them on areas that are most important and will yield most impact for the company.  Each session is typical one-two hour for a duration of one quarter (3 moths) of the year for maximum results.

When you hire Todd Mitchem you get results because Todd's process is simple.

1) Understand the leader's core challenges

2) Identify where the leader is starting from

3) Map a clear path to where the leader wants to go

In this short video, Todd Mitchem teaches you the difference between Accountability and Ownership.

4) Apply weekly coaching to achieve the goal

For any level leader.  Todd typically works with teams of 5 or more for a duration of at least one quarter of the year (3 months). To inquire and schedule coaching for your company message today for fee structure.



PRESENTATION SKILLS Learning to capture your audience.

Timing - Full Day - 6-8 hours depending on group size.

As an accomplished speaker, facilitator, and leader, Todd Mitchem can carry a message that engages the audience every time.  Now, and for a limited time, Todd is offering to come to your company and teach you the same skills that the has utilized for audiences of 5 - 5000.  In this all day workshop your team will learn: 

1) What's the Point - Findng your core message is critical.  Most presenters smash their points together.  In this segment you will learn to get to the point of your conversation with your audience quickly.

2) Be Authentic - Most audience members who are dissatisfied with a speaker's presentation report that they felt the speaker did not "believe the content" or that the speaker was not authentic.  We live in a world of hyper authenticity, and in this workshop you will learn the hidden power of authenticity.

3) Converse with the audience - Did you know that your audience for ANY presentation is actually talking to you, in their heads?  If you engage an audience and do not understand the presentation is actually a conversation with them, you will miss opportunities to connect and truly land your message.  In this section, you will learn the triggers that make audiences pay attention and learn how to communicate with them at every moment.

Each class is limited to 15 people and each person will prepare a 3min presentation which will be recorded, played back and critiqued for improvement.

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