Out of ashes, a phoenix rises!

In 2007, after a near fatal car accident which left him with a severe closed head injury, Todd Mitchem felt lost. Facing an uncertain future, losing his ability to speak in public, and feeling a sense of despair, Todd was broken and all alone. By leveraging deep, intentional reasons for surviving, he calls his Intentional Whys; Todd fought his way back to overcome his injuries in record time. He went on to become a success again as one of the most requested speakers in business and inspirational circles. Todd achieved these results leveraging what he calls a disruption mindset, thus proving to himself and those who follow him, that anyone can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, even with no support, to achieve the life they always imagined. 


Todd Mitchem is an entrepreneur and a leader.

Todd Mitchem is an entrepreneur, seasoned senior leader, speaker, and author.  Along with his passion for running companies and developing new successful entrepreneurial projects, Todd delivers presentations that guide audiences on the power of transformational change, collaboration, and communication to solve the biggest challenges facing business and society today. As a senior leader, Todd has guided some of the top brands in the world in the area of re-structure, innovation, cooperation, and business development.

Starting in 2013, he was invited to guide companies in the emerging cannabis industry as they built new and hyper-fast moving start-up companies. His successes include: helping develop the largest brand in the space (over 1,600% growth in 12 months), and building the world’s first global social network unique to the cannabis consumer which grew from zero users to over 300k in less than a year.  Todd also built the world’s fist cannabis job fair after legalization called, “CannaSearch” which saw over 3400 job hopefuls who filled over 1000 new jobs in Colorado alone.  He also leads the industry as the first person to speak to Attorneys General on the need for standards in marijuana tracking, production, and business leadership. 



In 2013 Todd was asked to assist companies in the emerging cannabis industry as they built new and hyper-fast-moving start-up companies. He used his knowledge as well as his innovative ideas to disrupt corporate structure, workplace culture, and message delivery. While working with the cannabis industry, Todd, successfully put companies on the map, such as O.penVAPE, which he turned into the largest brand in the space with over 1,600% growth in one year. He also built the world's first job fair engine, CannaSearch which matched available jobs in the industry to over 3,400 job seekers. Todd also co-founded and was the CEO of the industry's fastest growing social network app, High There!. In addition to his success inside the industry, Todd has worked and advised top lawmakers and government officials in every state to ensure the industry operates with the highest of standards. 


Todd has now mapped all the pieces of his success into his new book, released in 2017: YOU, DISRUPTED: Seizing the life you want by shaking, breaking and challenging everything.  Now he brings the life lessons from his book to organizations large and small. Mitchem lives in Colorado with his amazing wife (partner in life and business), and three amazing kids.