...we CAN evolve together!

by Todd Mitchem

Here is the reality, you can’t fire every person with a tattered past. That would mean we ALL get fired. All of us. But, "not me" you say. Really? Have you texted while driving thus endangering lives....fired! Have you spoken negatively or spread gossip that turned out to be not true....fired. Have you ever had a one night stand....fired. Have you ever driven over the speed limit and jeopardized others....fired. Have you ever lied to your children....fired. Have you said something inappropriate....fired. Have you ever been drunk and hit on someone you should not have....fired. Ever cheated on your spouse...fired. Did you really need all those deductions on your taxes, no.....well then.....fired! Ever told a “white lie” to get something you want....fired!!!!!!

This short list of mistakes is only a sample and covers every adult on the planet. I agree that REAL terrible behavior against women must stop, but I also know you don’t stop a man’s philosophy or motivate his evolution by firing him for alleged past offenses. The same is true for women. The good news however is that there is a way to evolve, together.

What we need my fellow humans is to slow down. We need to think before we type, blame or speak. We need to consider all sides of these debates and honor real victims. We need a VERY careful, smart and honest due process. We need to change our paradigm in our confused society. What do I mean by "confused." On the one hand, we treat each other like a commodity to be traded up with apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish. These are “hook up” apps designed to help both men and women find quick sex with each other and a t last check they collectively had over 200 million users on the apps and that's just those two! The bottom line is we don't respect ourselves, our own bodies or other humans. People in our society are mostly judged on appearance only or at least first. Then, on the other hand, we as a culture demand respect and boundaries. Until we say these issues are complex and talk to all sides, we will NOT get change. How we interact at work is not liner and it's largely based on self confidence, self respect and respect of others. As a society we can't have it both ways. We can not demonstrate our lack of respect with "hook up culture" void of respect and at the same time attempt to hold people accountable to how they act toward the opposite sex. Either we choose respect and evolution of thought or we choose disrespect, which is where we are now.

What if we put the accused and the accusers in the same group discussion and talked about the lack of respect? What if we in our companies, started to have open and honest dialogue about how men and women think and their philosophy for behavior? Instead of finding the next person to fire, which is easy but useless, why don't we go a new honest collaborative path?

One thing is certain. If we don’t engage in real conversation, women will feel a false sense of victory at each firing, and men will retreat to the secret vices in life which stimulate their dark un-evolved selves......and nothing will change!

Todd Mitchem is an author, entrepreneur, leadership advisor and expert in human interaction as well as communication. You can learn more about Todd's journey here. - LEARN MORE