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The world does NOT revolve around you!

A dolphin in a pool of sharks.

For a long time, I had been looking for a partner, that perfect mate to spend my life with and to build my future. The search went far and wide, utilizing every technical means at my disposal. I would open an app, target: age, gender, hair color, proximity to me, because who wants to drive over 15 miles for love, and I would utilize virtually every custom option so I could search for the perfect woman. 

Each of these methods, however, did not present that ideal of the woman I imagined. Then on one night in early spring, I sat at a restaurant contemplating this search and waiting for a Tinder date to arrive. 

After waiting for two hours at the restaurant, I finally realized I had been stood up, ignored, and hope was again dashed. At that moment, I was finished with dating. In particular online dating in my mind was a sham. So I got up, walked out the door of the restaurant frustrated, and headed to the opening of a friend's new nightclub a few miles away. I just wanted to see my friends and have real human contact. You need to understand that I was not searching for the next physical interaction. Dating apps had become so transaction-oriented. I was without a doubt searching for a dolphin in a pool of sharks. So I swam away from the pool.

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