Leadership coaching can be one of the most impactful methods to draw out the potential of any leader or individual, regardless of experience or level of success.  In order for this coaching to be effective, the coach must be thoughtful around approach so that each session is individualized.  By “meeting them where they are” a more powerful connection and conviction can be formed.


In this video, Todd Mitchem discusses why his brand of 1-on-1 coaching works to drive impact with each individual.

Why Todd?

Todd teaches individuals and groups of leaders how to overcome obstacles holding them back from their ultimate potential. From teaching his clients to be more connected to their team, to teaching them the art of delivering a message. Todd works one-on-one with each person on a weekly basis to coach them on areas that are most important and will yield most impact


Each session is typical one-two hour for a duration of one quarter (3 moths) of the year for maximum results

Todd spends many hours formatting each coaching session for each leader.  No two sessions are alike.

Week to week the sessions will require a different amount of time, discussion and direction.  For example, recently while coaching a senior leader in operations, Todd spent two hours in discussion with the leader one-on-one to find a solution in a difficult growth area.  As the week progressed, this leader and Todd communicated in email and phone to track progress and adjust the learning approach.  The result was a measurable improvement.  Each coaching engagement is unique, while being tailored to the individual.  Todd calls this, “Meeting them where they are.”   

Todd is a fantastic coach who can meet people wherever they are, whether a top-level executive or an individual contributor. He’s an amazing facilitator who fully engages his audience with his wit, his charm, and his expertise.

Todd’s greatest attribute is his genuine desire to serve, to work with every individual to fully achieve their potential and discover what is possible within themselves.
— Shezelle Krei Global Head of Compliance Design and Delivery at Western Union

Todd Mitchem coaching works because it's simple.

1) Understand the leader's core challenges through assessment, and upfront discovery

2) Once baseline is established, determine most important attributes to change

3) Observe the leader in his or her environment

4) Map a clear path to where the leader wants to go

5) Apply weekly coaching to achieve the goal

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COSTS: Todd's coaching is billed at two levels:

1) One Hour a week for Three Months - $9,800 a quarter.

2) One Hour every other week - $7,500 a quarter

Todd only books a max of ten clients per quarter to ensure effectiveness.

Beth Martinez

Customer Care Operations Leader at Optum

"I had the privilege and honor of experiencing Todd's leadership and coaching first hand. The impact and influence Todd Mitchem has, touched my heart to the core and lit my soul on fire. He left an imprint that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Mitchem is the exact definition of a world-class leader. He is authentic and inspirational, demonstrating servant leadership in all that he does. Todd enriches the lives of the people he coaches, builds better organizations and inspires people to be more just and caring. He gets to the core of the person by creating an environment of trust, where a person can be genuinely open and honest with themselves and feel supported in the journey. He does this in a very compassionate and loving way and never compromises his morals, values or integrity. 

I carry Todd's influence with me today in my personal and professional endeavors, in what I call my Todd Mitchem toolbox. I bring the valuable lessons of being vulnerable, positively releasing my passion, having a "what is possible" mindset, focusing on the result, having fearless accountability to myself, showing up with intention and slowing down and meeting people where they are. He also helped me understand that we are all unique and I am only in control of myself and how I choose to show up. He challenged me and opened my eyes to maximizing my potential and because of this I have grown as a leader and a person. 

Because of Todd, I feel comfortable and confident in my skin. I push myself to be better than I was the day before, I seek out constructive feedback, seek to understand where the other person is coming from, I know the importance of building relationships and the power of collaboration, looking at the big picture, taking ownership and accountability for myself, my results and always keeping my eye on the vision, impact and outcome. 

I highly recommend Todd Mitchem for personal and professional development You will not only get results, but you will be enlightened to making the world a better place."