USE IT for Collaboration 

The key to collaboration is changing your outlook first so you can USE IT!

From Todd's new book YOU, DISRUPTED, imagine if there were five steps that would increase your team's collaboration, efficiency, productivity, performance and communication, while simultaneously transforming everyone's business and personal lives. For over ten years, Todd Mitchem has presented a proven and tested five-part strategy that changes the foundational thinking of every person and team. The USE IT! principle is simple and easy to learn, but the results will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Bottom line, USE IT! changes the way each participant interacts and communicates with colleagues, customers, team members, or virtually anyone they meet. This foundational change leads to immediate and lasting collaboration skill.  

Todd delivers a home run every time with his engaging facilitation styles and relevant debriefs. Todd comes recommended because of his sense of professionalism and teachability

Leveraging entertaining stories relevant to the principles being taught, true life successes, and an honest approach to life's difficult situations, Todd Mitchem will teach the audience how to successfully change behavior over time. This helps everyone improve their ability to manage stress, deal with other people, and become more productive team members. Change is managed in a more fluid fashion due to the sophistication and clarity of this philosophy that can be applied in both business and personal life. 

“Use It!” drives collaboration because it helps you first take ownership over the one person you can control, YOU. This then enables you to better collaborate with everyone else." - Todd Mitchem


Learning Tools:

  • Walk through and apply the five foundational steps of this transformational program which has impacted countless people in different industries and companies.  
  • Apply "Use It!" at work or in personal life and use the newly learned cutting-edge perspective to transform the way you view everything you encounter.
  • Leverage a new tool to hold everyone on your team personally accountable, through ownership.  
  • Challenge the audience to use the five foundational building blocks, to become the owner of their own behavior and thinking.