Inspire Connection

Hi There!

Timing: 60-90 minutes for keynote


Inspiring real connection is something we all need right now, but is the over customization of technology actually stopping us from that connection?



When Todd Mitchem co-founded and became the CEO of the world's fastest growing app in a specific niche market, he was on top of the world. With hundreds of thousands of new subscribers from every corner of the globe, more media attention than he had ever experienced, and a focus on building a community, Todd lead the growing company High There! to massive success. But then one day, one member of the app hit Todd with something he never expected; the technology he and his team took pride in, was making her feel less connected and more isolated rather than supporting her. It was at that moment that Todd and his team made profound changes which had a significant impact, not only on the member who reached out but in Todd's personal life as well.

Based on Todd Mitchem's TED talk, this thoughtful presentation takes the audience on a journey of the ins and outs of what really goes on behind the scenes of the customized technology they use every day. He will also help them see the damage it may be causing in every aspect of their lives. 

Todd also presents solutions that any person, regardless of age, gender, or profession can immediately implement to help them make more thoughtful connections. 

If you have ever thought that social media is becoming more and more isolating while fueling massive upheaval in our society, Todd will help you understand the truth about why this happens. Finally, you will get an inside look at how companies like the one he built use your data, custom features, and manipulate your time all with one goal, to keep you hooked. 

Todd hs now made it his mission, not only with his company but with this presentation, to wake up society and teach us all how to get control of our technology, so it stops controlling us. If your group needs to learn to put the tech down, use it as a tool, and take back their ability to truly connect with each other, your customers, or anyone around them, this is the presentation for you.


Is the over technological customization of the human experience damaging our ability to connect with each other truly, and could all this customization be destroying the very fabric of humanity? More importantly, what can we do about this now?