KEYNOTE: Reboot Your Team

Re-energize Employees Without Cleaning House or Wasting Effort and Money

TARGET AUDIENCE: All Leaders, Training Professionals, Corporations, and Start-Ups

"A three-step process for any leader to completely reboot their team."

Why does your team need a Reboot? 

Like a computer that often locks up and needs a reboot, your team also needs a quick refresh occasionally, to achieve maximum task efficiency and results-driven outcomes. What better time than now to reboot the team? As the leader, you have an opportunity to refresh your team’s perspective with this hands-on workshop. 

The bottom line is that most teams fail because their leader often loses sight of what’s most important and, instead, forces too many programs and requirements upon the employees. Then, as with a computer that's running too many programs, a reboot is required or your entire team starts to shut down. This workshop will teach you how to begin the process of reconfiguring and reenergizing your team.

Todd is a committed and personable professional who is devoted to his client and their success. I appreciate his solution-oriented approach to clients and their multiple requests. He’s a joy to work with.
— Belinda Brin, Manager, Organization Development, Nestle Purina PetCare

Participants will learn:

1. Over time, teams become dysfunctional due to politics, pressures, stress, changes, or a general lack of positivity. You and your team will learn how to reboot attitude using the "Me Mad" challenge. This is a lesson that can and will be applied to every aspect of life!

2.  A clear vision is critical for any team. Unfortunately, toward the end of a quarter or a year, many teams lose sight of the unified vision. Usually this happens because they have been "putting out fires" as long as they can remember. While it may seem that it's part of their job, "putting out fires" takes away time and energy, as well as positive attitude, from your team. This overload of daily crisis creates a negative environment that spreads through a team like a virus. In this section, all participants will learn how to develop a "Micro and Macro View" that refreshes the entire team and increases their effectiveness as employees.

3.  A great plan is only as good as the team's ability to execute the goal-oriented tasks. Without a clear plan, a team defaults to "activity" or "busy work" as a measure of success, rather than actions and steps needed to reach the goal. In this part of the workshop, all participants will learn how to reboot the plan, so they are more likely to achieve real results. 



I had the privilege and honor of experiencing Todd’s leadership and coaching. He left an imprint that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Mitchem is the true definition of a world class leader. He is authentic and inspirational, demonstrating servant leadership. He enriches the lives of the people he coaches, builds better organizations, and inspires people to be more just and caring. He gets to the core of the person by building trust, and never compromising his integrity.

I carry Todd’s influence with me today in my personal and professional endeavors, in what I call my “Todd Mitchem toolbox”. I carry the valuable lessons of being vulnerable, releasing my passion in a positive way, having a “what is possible” mindset, focusing on the result, having fearless accountability to myself, showing up with intention, and slowing down while meeting people where they are.

I highly recommend Todd Mitchem for personal and professional development You will not only get results but you will be enlightened to making the world a better place.
— Beth Martinez - Customer Care Manager at Optum


Leadership coaching can be one of the most impactful methods to draw out the potential of any top leader in the organization. The most senior leaders in a company often struggle to find credible coaching outlets because most coaches do not have the practical experience to teach them.

For this type of coaching to be effective, the leader-teacher must be thoughtful around approach so that each session is individualized.  By “meeting them where they are," a more powerful connection and conviction can be formed.


Todd teaches the senior leader how to overcome obstacles holding them back from their ultimate potential. From teaching his clients to be more connected to their team to teaching them how to synergize the power of millennials and the wiser older generations, Todd sets himself apart from other leadership developers. He works one-on-one with each leader on a weekly basis to draw out hidden potential in areas that are most important while keeping an eye on what will yield the greatest impact for the company. Each session is typically one to two hours for a duration of 3 moths for maximum results

Now Coaching™ works because it is simple.

1) Understand the leader's core challenges through discovery. This is conducted with peers, other leaders and direct reports. 

2) Once baseline is established, determine the most important attributes requiring change and ensure these are in alignment with the leader as well as the organization.

3) Observe the leader in his or her environment, conduct weekly discussions and engage the learning tools needed to change behaviors and attitudes quickly.

4) Continuously, map and refine a clear path to where the leader wants to go and where breakthrough results must occur.

Todd typically works with teams of 1-10 top leaders for at least three months.  This is in addition to his leadership workshops, which are completely customized to fit the needs of the company. This coaching is customized. Todd’s ability to “meet the leader where they are,” coupled with his years of experience as a leader himself, ranging from VP to CEO, means Todd knows how to engage and how to get breakthrough results.