Todd Mitchem


Ever since Todd can remember he has been an opportunity maker. His dominant belief throughout his life is, “if there is no opportunity on the horizon, I will make my own.” Using this philosophy and a strong need to move forward with fearless accountability, Todd has become a thought leader in every industry he decided to enter. From entertainment, leadership coaching, and experiential learning, to marijuana government affairs and building successful start-ups: he has done it all. Now after decades of experimenting with different concepts, discovering how to create and achieve goals, Todd has a playbook that will change your life. 


In his groundbreaking TED talk, Todd Mitchem talks about what he learned from building the most successful social networking and dating app in the cannabis industry.

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It's been a pleasure working with Todd over the years. Todd invests the necessary time up front to understand our business as well as the challenges our team face each and every day. This enables him to gain immediate credibility with the Leadership Team and the team attending his experiential training workshops. At the end of the day, I'm confident that Todd will not only connect the dots for the team but more importantly help them self-discover why they should be approaching their opportunity from a new perspective. He truly loves what he does and it shows each and every time he takes center stage.

Dale H, SPHR, YUM Brands





In this video, Todd Mitchem discusses what it means to GROW your leadership, and skills as a person to a new level. He will outline tips from his keynote presentation, You Disrupted.


To understand the marijuana industry you need to imagine that the dot-com era slammed into the industrial age moving at the speed of light in a regulatory environment more severe than most others on the planet. To become a successful leader in this arena you need to harness skills that very few leaders can manage. Success takes determination, unwavering faith in the end goal, and you must think like an outlaw where there is no option of turning back. This mind-blowing disruption focused mindset is passionate and powerful, but not for the weak minded or faint of heart. To win in an industry like this, you need to forget everything you think you know about leadership and life.




"Todd's message of disruption is universal and worked for our group of both men and women as well as different level leaders. He disrupted us in the best way possible and we are seeing huge changes!"

Anna V, Microsoft

"Todd was able to apply his expertise to the basic training content we had and make it something memorable to the participants. He is both professional and creative in a way that few people are." 

Erik E, Senior Manager, People Development, Pizza Hut

Todd came to speak at our conference in advance of his book release. The presentation was powerful and even the biggest critics on our team had breakthrough moments. We felt he nailed the content and made it personal. Bravo! 

Rich P., Lead Organizer and Logistics, World Business Congress