GET DISRUPTED....for the better!

The key to collaboration is changing your outlook first so you can USE IT!

Is your company struggling with how to connect with employees of all ages?  Are your people disengaged? Are your leaders struggling in general and need a rocket-booster that will push them to take ownership of themselves, their decisions, and outcomes? Do you need a lesson that takes employees beyond accountability or the typical "feel good" programs in the market today? That's why Todd Mitchem has unveiled a new concept, You Disrupted, so you, your team, and your company can find new ways to thrive.

Sticking to the same old routine may be comforting, but it gets most people nowhere. In fact, it stalls progress, creativity, and becomes "busy work" without results. Inspirational speaker and recognized expert in leadership and personal development, Todd Mitchem dares participants to step outside their comfort zone to disrupt everything to accelerate the path toward their goals. In this inspiring presentation, Todd presents a roadmap for realizing full potential by intentionally disrupting the individual, no matter what career path or life journey they choose.

"It all STARTS and ENDS with YOU, so it's time to stop complaining about your circumstances and make each moment of your day count." - Todd Mitchem
Todd is a committed and personable professional who is devoted to his client and their success. I appreciate his solution-oriented approach to clients and their multiple requests. He’s a joy to work with.
— Belinda Brin, Manager, Organization Development, Nestle Purina PetCare

Using entertaining and energizing stories about his actual experiences in the entertainment industry, as a leader working with top brands around the world, and his work disrupting businesses toward success, Todd shares the most important skills and key lessons he has used to make a positive impact. 

Learning Tools:

  • Remove "Habitual" reasons from the workplace that stall progress and growth. 
  • Engage the use of disruptive thinking when faced with tough situations and find unconventional solutions to problems.
  • Reboot thinking to create a new attitude, vision, plan, and tap into personal instinct. This learning tool can be applied immediately to every aspect of business or personal life.
  • Effectively overcome distractions to produce the desired result.
  • Learn humorous tools to stop complaining.