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Look Up Men is an entertaining show dedicated to men with tools to make them a new man in business, life, relationship, and more! Host Todd Mitchem tackles the news of the day, interviews guests and works to give entertaining thought-provoking commentary. Our listeners are good men trying to become better in a complicated world where they feel little to no support.

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Episode 25 - Look Up Men with Todd Mitchem

  • Guns and Twitter

  • Amber Tamblyn attacks Sen. Collins

  • How dating apps ruin dating

  • Dad breastfeed

  • Cheese Challenge abuse of babies.

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Episode 24 - Look Up Men with Todd Mitchem and Diana V.

  • Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist: Transgender Is A ‘Mental Disorder’

  • Rather than wrestle a girl in the state championship, this high schooler forfeited

  • Listener divorce questions answered

Episode Clips and Files

Episode 23 - Look Up Men with Todd Mitchem

MOTIVATIONAL FRIDAY! When we are faced with a deviation in life what do we do to overcome the obstacle? The answer may lie in looking up toward a better future. In this end fo the week of motivation, host Todd Mitchem teaches all our listeners how to Look Up instead of falling below the line to regret and failure.

Episode 22 - Look Up Men with Todd Mitchem

In this special show, our host Todd Mitchem plays an entire presentation from his book tour You Disrupted. You will be motivated, inspired and ready to take on life as a new man.

Episode 21 - Look Up Men with Todd Mitchem

80% of all suicides are MEN. But why? What happens to a man who has reached the point of no return? Joining Todd on the show today is Suicide Prevention Expert, Speaker, Author and self proclaimed, “Southern Friend Asian", Susie Reynolds Reece. Reece is currently the first and only Violence Prevention Coordinator for CHI St. Vincent Arkansas’ Network. She was a founding member and the first and only Chairperson of the Garland County Suicide Prevention Coalition (GCSPC). In 2017, GCSPC gained formal 501c3 nonprofit status under the guidance of Reece. She was named the Executive Director of the newly rebranded Suicide Prevention Allies (SPA).

Reece is no stranger to the desperate need for suicide prevention, having lost her father to suicide in early childhood and later having fought with major depression throughout her formative and adult years.

She is a certified instructor in an array of subjects and has taught hundreds of courses to a wide audience from inmates to Marine Generals at Marine Training Headquarters and everyone in between. Reece has presented, consulted, and spoken to hundreds of thousands all over the United States. She is a riveting speaker and mental health advocate who takes a difficult issue head on to help normalize the necessity of speaking out when times get tough.

Reach Susie at:

To Seek Help:

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Episode 20 - Look Up Men with Todd Mitchem

Exclusive interview with former Colorado Representative Steve Lebsock about sexual harassment allegations and more. He reveals the REAL reason he switched to Republican and discusses how his life is one year after being expelled from the Colorado State Legislature after false allegations against him for sexual harassment.

Episode 19 - Look Up Men with Todd Mitchem and Diana V.

  • Head of #TimesUp Resigns

  • Transgendered “girls” win track

  • Toxic Feminism is the Problem! 

  • SCREW YOU – Good Men Project has been lost to “beta” 

  • Coyote Attack Florida with Coffee Mug

Episode 18 - Look Up Men Podcast with Todd Mitchem

  • A guy tells me my mother should have had an abortion.

  • Father’s “behavior” to blame for court forcing him to pay Ex-wife fees

  • Bill Seeks To Put Arkansas Fathers And Mothers On Equal Footing In Custody Disputes

  • Who needs gender?

  • The suffering of men with JP

  • Debunking “Ten subtle sexism article”

  • Friday motivation - Look Up Interview

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