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Look Up Men is a weekly show dedicated to men with tools to make them a new man in business, life, relationship, and more! This personal and professional life mastery show is hosted by Todd Mitchem. Each week he works to give men around the world much needed support and learning.

Todd’s listeners are good men trying to become better in a complicated world.

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Episode 5 - YOU DISRUPTED - After many emails and requests Todd decided to play his entire YOU DISRUPTED keynote speech from one of his recent talks. Have your pen and paper ready so you can take notes and apply the learning to your life. This one will teach you to disrupt yourself for the positive instead of waiting for the world to disrupt you! 

Episode 4 - The one question that can change a goal for the better. - We make all sorts of goals and decisions based on quickly made goals, but what if we could ask just one question that would make all our goals more specific and better for the long term? In this episode, Todd Mitchem gives you his "Then What" goal question and the four steps to set you on a better path in all aspects of life. Enjoy! 

Episode 3 - Turning Failure to Learning with these steps - We spend a ton of time as men obsessing over failure. From relationship to business, kids, and every aspect of our lives, failure can turn to fear very quickly then destroy future opportunities. But with these steps, you are on your way to changing all of that! It's time to focus on what can go right!

Episode 2 - Overcoming Obstacles - Five steps to overcome any obstacle in your life! When an obstacle hits you, how do you overcome it and move forward in a positive direction? In this episode, Todd Mitchem guides you with five proven steps he uses when faced with his obstacles. From his hit book, YOU DISRUPTED, this lesson might be what you are looking for on this Get Over It Wednesday.

Welcome to Season 2!

Episode 1 - Winners, Losers, and Critics - We are in a world of constant criticism, media over influence, and constant bombardment of frustration. In this episode, Todd reminds you to look up and redefine words in your life, which gives them stronger meanings. He also set’s you up for future success with tools to ignore the many critics in your life.