You don't know leadership, life and thriving until you understand the breakthrough successes and peril of the most controversial and fastest growing industry on Earth!

What would you do if you operated a company with 650 employees and on the day of payroll your bank locked your accounts? What if you just developed a manufacturing line only to find out that suddenly the entire regulatory structure changed costing you millions? How would you handle the stress of continually thinking about your business and how it could be taken or destroyed at any moment? Would you have the strength to keep going? Would you have the skill and mindset to continue finding success?

Todd Mitchem left a lucrative career where he was viewed as the top in his field. Over the course of over ten years, Todd changed culture, leadership, and teams for some of the top companies in the world. Then he made a HUGE change and made his own opportunity.

But why?.....



Disrupt Opportunity

How does a true disruptor think, act and behave? What is the quality in a truly disruptive person that causes them to literally make opportunity when they need it?

What leadership and life philosophy does it take to disrupt for the positive? What tools can an individual learn that will enable them to reach new success by becoming a disruptive thinker? Known as the "Thought Leader in Disruption" Todd Mitchem, teaches how to do just this in what he calls: YOU, DISRUPTED. In his presentation based on his latest book, YOU, DISRUPTED; Seizing the life you want by shaking, breaking, and challenging everything, Todd guides participants around redefining risk, obliterating crisis, and challenging the norm, to overcome roadblocks on the way to success. Through a detailed look into personal ownership, he brings the group to breakthrough results, thus becoming more powerful disrupted versions of themselves.

Todd Mitchem ignites the room....