1 on 1 Coaching for three months!

1 on 1 Coaching for three months!

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I have openings for two more coaching clients and you too could receive the same benefit as the person below.  I only coach a total of 10 clients per quarter, so if you want in now is the time.

Business and life coaching can be one of the most impactful methods to draw out the potential of any business owner, or leader, regardless of age, business or location.  In order for this coaching to be effective, the coach must be thoughtful around approach so that each session is individualized.  By “meeting them where they are” a more powerful connection and conviction can be formed.
What is holding you back from your ultimate potential  From  teaching my clients to completely reboot their work and lives to simply making them a better leader, I work one-on-one with each person on a weekly basis to coach them on areas that are most important and will yield most impact for their goals.  Each session is typical one-two hour, weekly, for a duration of one quarter (3 months) of the year for maximum results.
Key Engagement Objectives

  1. Learn the core lessons from my new book, YOU, DISRUPTED and apply these lessons to your own life.
  1. Change any or only specific aspects of you life 
  1. Provide a clear path for individual development where each step improves an individual’s skill set and is tied to RESULTS.
  1. Ensure that coaching is effective and is the lessons sustainable long after the coaching of an individual is complete.
  2. Provide actionable tools for leader, which are clear, simple, and effective.

You get all this and more. I will literally guide you through real life lessons and utilizing your actual situations. 

Still need proof this works? Read below before you register.

“I had the privilege and honor of experiencing Todd’s leadership and coaching. He left an imprint that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Mitchem is the true definition of a world class leader. He is authentic and inspirational, demonstrating servant leadership. He enriches the lives of the people he coaches, builds better organizations, and inspires people to be more just and caring. He gets to the core of the person by building trust, and never compromising his integrity. 

I carry Todd’s influence with me today in my personal and professional endeavors, in what I call my “Todd Mitchem toolbox”. I carry the valuable lessons of being vulnerable, releasing my passion in a positive way, having a “what is possible” mindset, focusing on the result, having fearless accountability to myself, showing up with intention, and slowing down while meeting people where they are. 

I highly recommend Todd Mitchem for personal and professional development You will not only get results but you will be enlightened to making the world a better place.”

— Beth Martinez - Customer Care Manager at Optum

The cost for three months of weekly coaching is only $7,500!!! (Discounted from $10,000)