Timing: 60-90 minutes for keynote and optional 2-4 hour workshop


You don't know leadership, life and thriving until you understand the breakthrough successes and peril of one of the most controversial and fastest growing industries on Earth!

What would you do if you operated a company with 650 employees and on the day of payroll your bank locked your accounts? What if you just developed a manufacturing line only to find out that suddenly the entire regulatory structure changed costing you millions? How would you handle the stress of continually thinking about your business and how it could be taken or destroyed at any moment? Would you have the strength to keep going? Would you have the skill and mindset to continue finding success?

Todd Mitchem left a lucrative career where he was viewed as the top in his field. Over the course of over ten years, Todd changed culture, leadership, and teams for some of the top companies in the world. He left that all behind for the opportunity of a lifetime, in the legal cannabis industry.

But why?

Todd's mother had a second battle with cancer which pushed her to utilize cannabis for pain, and this was the catalyst Todd needed to take the most significant risk of his life. His motivation to help raise standards in a new industry caused him to work harder than he ever imagined. Over the course of the next five years, Todd would go on to build one company to the largest in the world. He then co-founded, built and sold the world's first social network for cannabis enthusiasts to find love and friendships. Next, he established the most significant government affairs and community outreach firm in the world which guides industry, regulators, and consumers in the regulatory development of marijuana and hemp programs all over the Earth.


Along the way, Todd learned the formula for why he and other industry leaders, "Cannapreneurs", were able to find so much success even in the seemingly insurmountable above-mentioned struggles. Now you too can learn what Todd knows, that to have tremendous results in your personal and work life, you need to G.R.O.W.

Participants learn to:.

G. - Gather - How does a cannabis operator gather data? What kind of data do they gather and how fast? What you will find in this section is a thoughtful more aggressive approach to gathering information focused on your goal. How rapid and what kind of data you collect while never taking your eye off the clear purpose, is the first step toward cultivating your success.

R. - Realign - When you focus on the key goal and your data stream in real time, you and your team can then begin to accomplish what Todd calls, "Real Time Realignment" This tool pushes a team to focus on what matters most rather than the usual bogged down over analysis.

O. - Operate - The core philosophy that the entire cannabis industry operates under is that of outlaws and renegades. When you think like someone with no option of turning back, you start to focus on what matters, hard work, and an unparalleled ownership mindset. This way of Operating is not like any other industry on the planet, so you will be learning to think, Operate and focus like an outlaw, without breaking the law.

W. - Work - Because humans "work" problems in a way that leverages their philosophy, fears and risk tolerance, G.R.O.W. helps the individual and team learn to work a problem much differently. In this stage of the learning, reveal his secrets for working a problem, both in business and personal life, in a way that unlocks potential to achieve breakthrough results.

In this video, Todd Mitchem discusses what it means to GROW your leadership, and skills as a person to a new level. He will outline tips from his keynote presentation, You Disrupted. www.ToddMitchem.com www.DacorumStrategies.com