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"I always made my own way"

Host, I Choose Cannabis Show, Cannabis Industry Expert, Government Affairs/Public Policy Expert, Leadership Advisor, TED Speaker, Massive Disruptor, Husband and Dad......whew...that's a mouthful.

Growing up poor in the mountains of West Virginia I could have made every excuse in the book to justify a failed life. But as I grew up, my parents had embedded a philosophy for living that stuck with me to create a disruptive unstoppable drive which would serve my entire life and in every industry I touched. Instead of being taught "blaming others for my circumstances", I was given the lesson of "there is no such word as can't" and "Make your own opportunity in this world instead of waiting for one." Out of that humble start as well as adversity early in life, the seeds of strength were planted inside me, they grew, and I have been harvesting ever since.

The best part about living a disruptive, "make your own way" philosophy is that regardless of your industry you can implement this concept and make a success. I know because I have done it. 


From my early days creating a new entertainment concept in Chicago to making an opportunity in the corporate leadership and learning space where I changed cultures of some of the world's most recognizable companies, I would continuously accomplish massive goals. I have founded, built and sold companies, taught leadership to top CEOs, entertained tens of thousands around the world, wrote a book outlining my philosophy, and at each turn, I always pivoted from surviving to thriving leveraging a disruptive mindset to achieve goals many felt were impossible.



I even took on the biggest most challenging business challenge of my life when I risked everything to join the emerging cannabis industry.(Don't judge me, because you know you are curious.) I did so because my mother, a two-time cancer survivor, utilized cannabis to save her life. As I embarked into a new risky industry, I made my opportunities. Since 2013 I built the worlds first social network catering to marijuana consumers, fostered the largest brand in the space, created the world's first marijuana job fair with over 3500 attendees and built a thriving government affairs firm impacting regulatory government in states all over the US.


The best part of my story is that you can also harness the same philosophy and tools which have impacted my life in profound ways. Regardless of your goals; finding a better job, building a stronger family life, wanting a new career, starting a business, becoming better at your job, or the countless other targets we all seek in our life, what I teach you can profoundly enhance your future. 

No one gets to tell you that you are finished, a failure or that you "can't" accomplish something. Remember, there is no such word as can't in my world, and if you don't see a door to a new opportunity, I will teach you to build one then disruptively kick it down. 


Todd Mitchem

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Disruptor, and a Guy who NEVER accepts failure as final.









Disrupt Opportunity

How does a true disruptor think, act and behave? What is the quality in a truly disruptive person that causes them to literally make opportunity when they need it?

What leadership and life philosophy does it take to disrupt for the positive? What tools can an individual learn that will enable them to reach new success by becoming a disruptive thinker? Known as the "Thought Leader in Disruption" Todd Mitchem, teaches how to do just this in what he calls: YOU, DISRUPTED. In his presentation based on his latest book, YOU, DISRUPTED; Seizing the life you want by shaking, breaking, and challenging everything, Todd guides participants around redefining risk, obliterating crisis, and challenging the norm, to overcome roadblocks on the way to success. Through a detailed look into personal ownership, he brings the group to breakthrough results, thus becoming more powerful disrupted versions of themselves.

Todd Mitchem ignites the room....











In this TEDx talk, Author, Speaker, Managing Partner, and Tech Entrepreneur Todd Mitchem discuss what is broken about social media, dating sites and our society. He offers a solution to how we can get control of our technology and use it for good BEFORE it destroys us.


Under 20 min can change your thinking forever! In this compilation are a  a few of Todd's presentations over the years. 


Perhaps it's time to put the social media down and focus on each other. This video asked the audience to ponder what it means to be truly disruptive.



People who watch this video, based on the teaching of YOU, DISRUPTED, are forever changed for the better.


After another keynote presentation, Todd ansewers a participants question about anger and is it ever ok.


In this video from Disrupting Opportunity, Todd teaches you about how to have an Intentional Why to overcome even the worst ego.