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Current CEO of a new and fast moving disruptive cannabis company, Former Tech CEO, Author, Start Up Advisor, and Speaker Todd Mitchem shares his views, successes and journey in a way that guides people through any adversity so they can overcome roadblocks on the way to success. 

Mitchem’s presentations have been called a “powerhouse” combination of humor, energy, learning, and thoughtful commentary.

When not speaking or leading a cannabis company, Todd loves to write. Besides many articles in publications like Entrepreneur, he also mapped all the pieces that it takes to succeed in life and business by looking up to make your own opportunities, in his new book: YOU, DISRUPTED: Seizing the life you want by shaking, breaking and challenging everything.






  • 45-60min content customized for maximum relevance

  • Optional 2 hour workshop available for each program

Todd’s message of disruption is universal and worked for our group of both men and women as well as different level leaders. He disrupted us in the best way possible and we are seeing huge changes. We are disrupting!
— Anna V, Microsoft
Todd was able to apply his expertise and experiences to our conference with engaging energy. He is a powerhouse on stage so strap in! Todd is professional and creative in a way that few people are and always nails the desired result.
— Erik E, Sr Manager, People Development, Pizza Hut

Look Up! - How to achieve your goals by shaking, breaking and challenging your thinking.

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Adults make an average of 35,000 decisions on a daily basis. Each choice comes with a degree of impact which can change the course of a person's life dramatically. The good news is that each of us as individuals is ultimately in charge of those decisions, thus also in control of the impact.

Author, TEDx presenter and leadership expert Todd Mitchem is an engaging professional motivational keynote speaker who teaches audiences how to overcome the most difficult challenges in their own personal and work life. In his presentation, "Look Up," based on learning from Todd's new book, YOU DISRUPTED (Prometheus/Random House), he takes the group on a journey into his experiences as a leader, leadership coach, and successful entrepreneur while giving practical lessons which can be easily applied to their lives in a diverse way.

For leaders, Todd also can add his custom two-hour accompanying workshop, Look Up Leader, which is a deeper dive on how to apply the lessons as a leader in any business environment.

Key learning:

  • Tools to Look Up instantly when faced with any challenge

  • Turn a Deviation Point into a positive Decision Point

  • Overcoming challenges of team dynamics as a leader

  • Tools to quickly discern what drives your decision making

  • Apply formula: Impact = Actions/Time to achieve breakthrough results

  • Motivating, inspiring, and humorous

Disrupt Opportunity, Making your own way even when you see no way.

How does a true disruptor think, act and behave? What is the quality in a truly disruptive person that causes them to literally make opportunity when they need it? 


What leadership and life philosophy does it take to disrupt for the positive? What tools can an individual learn that will enable them to reach new success by becoming a disruptive thinker? Known as the "Thought Leader in Disruption," Todd Mitchem teaches how to do just this in his presentation based on his latest book, YOU, DISRUPTED; Seizing the life you want by shaking, breaking, and challenging everything, (Prometheus/Random House). Todd guides participants around redefining risk, obliterating crisis, and challenging the norm, to overcome roadblocks on the way to success. Through a detailed look into personal ownership, he brings the group to breakthrough results, thus becoming more powerful disrupted versions of themselves.

Key learning:

  • Tools to create opportunities for success

  • Tools to redefine risk and challenge personal thinking

  • Easy application to Reboot your work or personal life

  • Understanding the difference between Intentional Why and Habitual Why which drives results

  • Motivating, inspiring and humorous




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In this TEDx talk, Todd Mitchem discusses what is broken about social media, dating sites and our society. He offers a solution to how we can get control of our technology and use it for good BEFORE it destroys us.









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